In February 2017 I have started series of paintings ‘Holy Art”

This is my first painting “Holy Mother”
50×50 acrylic on canvas, collage

21st Feb 2017


The second painting is “The Buddha”

There are 2 sentences in polish and 2 sentences in english.

These are quotes from teaching of The Buddha

1. “Badz dla siebie latarnia, ktora rozswietla twa droge i nie poszukuj światla poza soba’
2. “Kazdy z nas jest Bogiem. Kazdy z nas wie wszystko. Musimy tylko otworzyc swoje umysly, zeby uslyszec wlasna madrosc”
3. “There is no fear one whoes mind is not filled with desires”
4. You, yourself, as much as nobody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”
Acrylic on canves, collage 40×50 cm

23rd Feb 2017


No. 3 – Christ Awareness
40×50 cm, acrylic on canvas, collage
(c) Sylwia A Horosz